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Rachel Bednarski & Hannah Taylor | eleven

Sarah Vallance | Accessible Yoga with Sarah

Ajay Rajani | 5Rhythms with Ajay Rajani

Tamara Smith | The People's Republic of Yoga


Amanda Ashy | Holistic Wellness


Sally Balfourth | @sally.balfourth


Emily Crowley | STAR, Student Action for Refugees

Aisha Nasha | Anti-Diet Yoga with Aisha Nash

Marsha Powell | BelEve


Andrea White | Om Yoga Kids


Maddy-Rose Robinson | Yoga with Maddy

Natalie Reid | Natty LIttle Yogis

Lots more exciting guests to be announced soon - watch this space!



Here are the confirmed acts for 2021 - and there are lots more to come. Watch this space!


Maddy-Rose Robinson

Yoga with Maddy

As a yoga teacher, I offer nurturing, heart-centred flow yoga in a way that is both fun and accessible. My classes invite people to move away from a performance mentality and into a space of sincere connection to themselves in the present moment. Students are invited to tune into their inner wisdom to find what works in their bodies. 

Before teaching yoga, I was very involved in the charity sector, working and volunteering for a range of organisations that tackle social injustices. Be the Change UK 2021 will be raising money for STAR (Student Action for Refugees) - a charity that does incredible work welcoming refugees in the UK. 


Natalie Reid

Natty Little Yogis

With a solid yoga practice since 2011 and desire to work in education, Natalie trained and set up Natty Little Yogis – a yoga practice specialising in yoga for children and teens to address the pressures faced by our young people.


As a 200hr qualified yoga teacher and specialist Children’s and Teen Yoga teacher, fully qualified with the Special Yoga Foundation and the Teen Yoga Foundation, she has been fortunate enough to share Yoga and Mindfulness with children and young people at nurseries, schools and sixth form colleges, as well as local youth and adult community groups. A parent of two children, Natalie understands the benefits of a yoga and mindfulness practice from an early age; improved concentration and communication, confident self expression and increased physical and mental wellbeing.


With the current academic and social pressures on our young, it is important to support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. By promoting inclusion through Yoga, in sport and pastoral care, we can arm them with the tools to become the best they can be.  Natalie is passionate about sharing yoga in order to reach those pockets of communities who cannot readily access it.


Tamara Smith

She/her; they/them

The People's Republic of Yoga

Bountiful – Play – Sensual – Egalitarian – Reclaiming  

As a refugee practitioner and yoga teacher, Tamara finds a yoga practise essential to re-gaining equilibrium in her life, and loves teaching classes that challenge, restore and empower students. With a focus on clean alignment and autonomous movement, Tamara’s classes are joyful, contemplative spaces typically interwoven with poetry & big soundtracks. She specialises in myofascial release and yoga workshops, offering relief and deep rest via restful poses and targeted self-massage techniques.  

Tamara began practising yoga in her teens. In 2013 in rural Laos, she started teaching overworked bomb disposal NGO workers who would never normally attend a yoga lesson. She fell in love with making the practise approachable to individuals alienated by their perception of yoga.   Class is a safe place to practise remembering and reclaiming what your body often already knows. heal and transform yourself, in order to transform your world. interrupt the rush of daily life; a radical subversion of the capitalist autopilot & its power structures.

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Sarah Vallance

She/her; they/them

Accessible Yoga with Sarah

Sarah (she/her and they/them) is the founder of Accessible Yoga with Sarah. She wants to improve people’s lives by sharing the benefits of yoga – whether that’s by allowing rest, reducing stress or through movement. Through their online Patreon page and local studios, they offer accessible yoga classes, including vinyasa yoga, chair yoga, bed yoga, pregnancy yoga, and restorative yoga – to enable anyone to practice yoga. Sarah describes her style of teaching as centred around giving you choice and autonomy in your practice - guiding you through a sequence but giving you a variety of options so you can find what feels right for your body. A lot of people think that yoga is what you see on social media: flexibility, handstands on beaches and contorting yourself into pretzel shapes, but it’s not! It’s about finding stillness in your mind and connecting with your body and breath. In an age where everything feels like it’s go-go-go, Sarah genuinely believes that everyone deserves to find some rest and stillness.


Sally Balfourth

She/her; they/them


I support people to embark on their own investigations with their bodies, through movement, breath and play.

After training to be a Yoga Teacher in 2015, I worked around the world hosting retreats, supporting teacher training and collaborating with individuals, charities and organisations. I’m now teaching in the UK.

I am a believer in the value of yoga reaching beyond the corners of the mat. The practice is not just composed of movement, meditation and breath. It is the art of attentiveness, awareness and connection and can support transformation and growth-for ourselves and beyond.


Andrea White


Om Yoga Kids

Andrea is a children's yoga teacher, a qualified primary teacher & founder of Om Yoga Kids. She has practised yoga for over 20 years, after suffering from severe insomnia, and is passionate about its power to support mental, emotional and physical health. She thrives on supporting children and young people's wellbeing through yoga and mindfulness. Andrea is passionate about diversity and making yoga more accessible to include those who do not typically feel welcome in yoga spaces. Yoga offers a toolbox of survive & thrive skills that can benefit all people, and is greatly needed in communities of colour who suffer high levels of trauma due to structural racism. Andrea runs BLM anti-racism training courses for children's yoga teachers.


Student Action for Refugees


STAR is a registered national charity of 34,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. Together they:

  • Volunteer at local refugee projects: STAR volunteers work with over 45 refugee charities at 90 projects providing much needed assistance.

  • Campaign to improve the lives of refugees: STAR has successfully campaigned for changes in national policy to improve the welcome refugees receive. STAR also campaigns for improved access to university for people seeking asylum; thanks to their work, there are now over 70 universities that provide scholarships to people from refugee backgrounds.

  • Educate about asylum: STAR students hold hundreds of educational events every year to inspire change. 

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Amanda Ashy


Holistic Wellness

Amanda is a clinical nutritionist, mindfulness teacher, and yoga instructor for children & families. She’s worked with families clinically for a decade in nutrition and mental health, incorporating wellbeing protocols to help modify behaviour, creating a calmer, happier and stronger way of life.


She also teaches mindfulness and yoga in the school system and works as a consultant supporting schools to develop their wellbeing curriculum. Amanda’s work also includes coaching busy modern women and mothers on their journey to reconnect with their inner self, using nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and movement protocols.

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Rachel and Hannah

(she/her, she/her)


Rachel is a yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, energy healer and coach.


Hannah is a yoga teacher and togther they teach thier own concept class Shake Out and hold online programmes.

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Marsha Powell



Marsha Powell an ambitious and nurturing CEO of BelEve UK, a London based Girls Charity.

This serial entrepreneur is passionate about connecting and inspiring girls and women to increase their opportunities, experiences and social mobility alongside enhancing their belief in themselves so they can truly know anything is possible.

With 8 years of experience working with girls and young women, Marsha has developed and successfully facilitated the learning of over 6000 girls aged 8-20, contributing to their social mobility, improved educational outcomes and wellness. BelEve’s outcomes are delivered through employability, leadership workshops, career
development support and a strong sisterhood. In 2021 her vision is for BelEve to impact 2000 through its programme.

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Ajay Rajani


Ajay Rajani is an accredited teacher of the 5Rhythms who trained with Jonathan Horan, son of Gabrielle Roth, in 2014.


Ajay was born in Africa with Indian roots and grew up in London, England where he thrives in a diverse, multicultural community speaking five international languages.


His spiritual journey began over a decade ago with a strong practice of seated meditation and this continues to inform his 5Rhythms teaching where he inspires embodying the moment and allowing your body to be your greatest teacher.


Nicole Windle


Nicole is a yoga teacher, sound healer and plant lover! She has been practising yoga since she was a teenager, mainly for flexibility and to procrastinate during school exams.


Two years after university and a short and unhappy stint in the corporate events world, she quit her job, booked a one-way ticket to India and completed her first yoga teacher training course in Goa in 2015. Since then, she has been dancing, eating, yoga-ing, exploring, teaching and sunset chasing around the world in places like India, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam.


Nicole trained in Sound Meditation in 2018 in India and now uses Tibetan Singing bowls and other instruments to help you to come into the present moment, let go of worries and truly relax by switching on the parasympathetic nervous system.

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Aisha Nash


Aisha Nash left a career working in Michelin starred restaurants after the stress of the job caught up with both her body and mind.

She discovered yoga and wanted to share the practice that helped her be entirely content with exactly the person she is, but found that she didn't feel like she fit the mould of a yoga teacher that studios were looking for.

Aisha now teaches classes that are focused on inclusivity, diversity and self love, with what she calls her Anti-Diet Yoga Approach.