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Be the Change

Be the Change UK is the first digital festival of its kind, designed to connect people in meaningful ways through accessible yoga and inspire social action.

Taking place this Saturday 27th March, our first event is a one-day festival that will feature movement, meditation, and discussions from leading activists in the UK on topics including anti-racism, welcoming refugees, and dismantling barriers to yoga.

There will be three virtual stages:

  • Water Stage: Movement – Guided sessions designed to free up space in the body and mind, through accessible yoga, myofascial release, dance, and dynamic movement

  • Earth Stage: Meditation & sound work – Re-establishing connection to the body and tapping into your true nature and learning tools for self-care

  • Fire stage: Talks & discussions – Learn about what action you can take to tackle social justice issues

Be the Change UK is an opportunity to shake off lockdown and come together in a virtual space (for hopefully one of the last times) for a meaningful, fulfilling, and thought-provoking experience.

A percentage from each ticket sale will also go directly to charity partner Student Action for Refugees, a charity that welcomes refugees in the UK.

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Hebe Tang


I am currently a Juris Doctor student in Hong Kong. Devoted to humanitarian causes, I volunteered in London to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. I organised large-scale volunteering programmes and conferences to raise awareness and support refugees in the UK. I also consulted more than 50 university groups across the UK and internationally by providing strategic planning and training during my employment under the charity Student Action for Refugees - yes, the one we are fundraising for! 

As a beginner in yoga, I am excited to learn about accessible yoga and see it developing into a social justice movement through Be the Change UK. Look forward to having you as part of the movement!

STAR - Student Action for Refugees

Charity partner

Some of the money raised from this event will go to​ STAR, a registered national charity of 34,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. Together they:

  • Volunteer at local refugee projects: STAR volunteers work with over 45 refugee charities at 90 projects providing much needed assistance.

  • Campaign to improve the lives of refugees: STAR has successfully campaigned for changes in national policy to improve the welcome refugees receive. STAR also campaigns for improved access to university for people seeking asylum; thanks to their work, there are now over 70 universities that provide scholarships to people from refugee backgrounds.

  • Educate about asylum: STAR students hold hundreds of educational events every year to inspire change. 

Read more about the charity here.

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Maddy Robinson, Founder

Yoga teacher | Activist | Psychotherapy student


Hi, and welcome!  

It’s been such a joy to watch this event grow, and I can’t wait to see it come together on 27th March. Inspiration for bringing this event together came from a desire to help people access the movement and connection that so many of us have been missing over the last year. It felt important to ensure the event would educate and inspire action on important social justice issues; to my mind it is really important for yoga to be used as a tool to bring about change. 

As a yoga teacher, I offer nurturing, heart-centred flow yoga in a way that is both fun and accessible. My classes invite people to move away from a performance mentality and into a space of sincere connection to themselves in the present moment. Students are invited to tune into their inner wisdom to find what works in their bodies. 

Before teaching yoga, I was very involved in the charity sector, working and volunteering for a range of organisations that tackle social injustices. Be the Change UK 2021 will be raising money for STAR (Student Action for Refugees) - a charity that does incredible work welcoming refugees in the UK.