Chair Yoga with Sarah

Sarah Vallance

What is this session?

Firstly, yes, you can practice yoga in a chair! This practice will all be possible whilst sitting in a chair - we’ll start with some warm-ups and mobility movements, maybe a bit of strength work, then look at combining breath and movement with some sun salutations, before slowing down to find some stillness in our postures. Sarah will be there as a guide, but everything they offer is optional, so you’re welcome to take breaks whenever you choose.

What props will I need?

You’ll definitely need a chair! A dining room chair is ideal, we won’t be turning sideways at all so don’t worry if the chair has arms. This practice is also possible to complete from a wheelchair or a comfy chair if you don’t have a dining room chair. If your chair has wheels, please make sure they lock, or the chair is able to be supported somewhere so you don’t move. For this practice we want to be able to sit comfortably on the chair with our feet on the ground, you might want blocks/boxes/books for underneath your feet if they don’t touch the ground, or some blankets to sit on if you need to be a bit higher. This practice will involve lifting legs and feet from the floor so if a yoga strap/belt/towel/scarf would help with this, please have something handy. No fancy yoga clothes are needed, as long as you’re comfy and are able to lean forward slightly whilst sitting, please wear whatever you’re most comfortable in.