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Shake It Out

A powerful hour of shaking out the stress, free movement & energy revival incorporating embodiment practices to let go of the mind and find freedom in your body. Reconnect, re-energise, reawaken, & tune back in to YOU while having some much needed FUN!

Shake It Out brings people back into a space of respect, love and gratitude for thier bodies -- embodiment practices remind us that we have agency over our own bodies and how we move, treat, and use them, regardless (especially) when we've been taught certain groups must be small, are unworthy of taking up space, or are in unacceptable bodies. They also teach us how to feel our emotions and move them through us in healthy and empowering ways. Such practices help to reintroduce personal empowerment.

eleven (Rachel & Hannah)

Rachel is a yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, energy healer and coach. Hannah is a yoga teacher and togther they teach thier own concept class Shake Out and hold online programmes.