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Future Self Mindfulness Tune In

Amanda Ashy (she, her)


Amanda is a clinical nutritionist, mindfulness teacher, and yoga instructor for children & families. She’s worked with families clinically for a decade in nutrition and mental health, incorporating wellbeing protocols to help modify behaviour, creating a calmer, happier and stronger way of life.

She also teaches mindfulness and yoga in the school system and works as a consultant supporting schools to develop their wellbeing curriculum. Amanda’s work also includes coaching busy modern women and mothers on their journey to reconnect with their inner self, using nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and movement protocols.


We will have a brief introduction of mindfulness and the foundations of the practice including two of the most beneficial elements of mindfulness which are using your body to come into the present moment and learning how to recognize our body sensations.

We will then go into talk about love and leadership and how those two qualities are so important for ourselves, our children, community and the wider world. We will close with a future self meditation.