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Who is the event for?

"Yoga is a healing tool and system that should be available to all, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability or any other background"

- Susanna Barkataki


Everyone is warmly welcomed to this event. If you have any access requirements, please enter these when buying your ticket. 

Do I need a yoga mat or any special props?

Yoga mats are meant to make it easier and more accessible to practice. 


If you don't have one, you could use: 

  • a towel - ideally on a surface that it won't slip on​

  • woven blankets - as above

  • grass

  • your home carpet or any surface that's not too slippy

Different sessions will require different props, and all props have household alternatives. For example, if you're asked to use yoga bricks, a thick book will often do instead. Check session descriptions for ideas. ​

What do I need to wear?

Anything you’re comfortable in that doesn't restrict your movement. This could be leggings, jeggings, dungarees, tracksuit bottoms... It's your choice!

Some things to consider:

  • Loose tops sometimes flop over your head in inversions like down dog (but if it's not a problem for you - its not a problem for us!) 

  • Socks can be slippy against yoga mats - bare foot might give you better grip.

Can I refer friends?

If you've bought a ticket, you're invited to take part in our referral scheme, where you can make back money to the value of your ticket by referring friends. 

Want to take part? Email maddy@bethechangefestival.co.uk

Where is the money going?

Our charity partner is STAR (Student Action for Refugees), a charity that welcomes refugees in the UK. A percentage from each ticket and merch sale will go directly to the charity. Read about their work here. 

Any profit will be re-invested into the event, so that we can come back bigger and better next year. 

What’s the name about?

Check out our About Us section!