Melt Yourself Workshop

Tamara Smith

​Myofascial Release for your sitting body

In this workshop we will explore myofascial release techniques combined with gentle yoga postures. No prior experience of either is required.


  • lying on tennis balls, blocks and rolled up mats

  • exploring what your body needs

  • learning tools for long-term support of you

  • deep relaxation and rest

In a time where many of us are sitting more, we will focus on the ‘desk body’ symptoms that often occur throughout the body. Expect a well-rounded session that targets the spine, lower back, chest, shoulders, neck, side body and hips. You will be taught autonomous techniques to relax and open specific trigger points in the body where we hold tension and stress, learning how to create change in your connective tissue outside this session in your life. You will also learn about why myofascial self-massage is important for your immune function, nervous system, pain reduction and the overall health and communication of your limbs. Most of all, you will access deep relaxation and relief in parts of the body we often hold tension.